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Canadian poker players have very specific expectations when it comes to their poker apps, A card room functions as a second home, and we expect online poker operators to recognize and honor that. To choose the best poker apps we select for Canadian players we look at things like the ability to deposit and withdraw in Canadian dollars, Canadian specific promotions, and friendly, world-class support that will make you feel right at home.

Hunting for the Best Poker Apps on the Web

Poker is hands down one of the most exciting games you’ll see offered at the online casino: Unlike other games where you are wagering against the house, online poker apps give you the opportunity to place bets against other players. If you are a skilled player, this will easily give you one of the largest edges that you’ll get anywhere in an online casino.

The world’s most successful poker players make millions – if not tens of millions – of dollars living the high-flying lifestyle the rest of the world can only dream about. Hang around the online casino scene long enough, and you’re almost certain to hear the names of poker’s greatest players such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, or Daniel Negreanu, mentioned at least once. Playing on a poker app is the closest many of us will get to reaching the kind of celebrity usually reserved for athletes and movie stars.

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This Is How We Choose Our Poker Operators

Free Poker apps give you access to this world of high octane action where big winners are not uncommon: The poker world is also known for its highly engaged and enthusiastic player base, so today’s best poker apps have been rigorously tested, reviewed, and refined by those who love to play. A poker app that doesn’t live up to the intense scrutiny of these players simply does not survive.

But because this world is so popular with players, there are a ton of excellent operators that offer poker apps. For the new or novice players, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. That’s where we step in with the extensive research we’ve done on the best poker apps from around the web. Our reviews will allow you to zero in on not only the best online poker apps but also the best online poker app for you.

  • The Best Welcome Bonuses and Freerolls: We start off by checking out the welcome bonus that is offered to players. The first step towards running huge bluffs to get your opponents to fold away their money to you is having a huge chip stack to bully them with. Poker apps best welcome bonuses will top up your bankroll to make sure you have all the ammunition you need.
  • Game variations in Online Poker Apps: Poker is also a game with tons of different variations and variety available. Although No Limit Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant, there are also lesser known variants such as Pot Limit Omaha or Stud. The best poker apps will spread all of these games and have enough players that these games can run at all hours of the day and night.
  • Canadians love to play No Limit Texas Hold’em more than any other type of poker: So although we check for all kinds of poker games, we place special emphasis on the poker apps that offer Hold’Em.
  • Cash Games and Freeroll Tournaments: The type of poker game you want to play is no the only way to customize the action your poker app can bring to you. You can also choose between poker cash games and poker tournaments as well. Any poker app that we recommend to you will offer you the best variety and prices for both types of games.
  • Poker app cash games are your traditional poker game: Buy-in, put your chips on the table, and wager them as the poker hand unfolds. Poker app tournaments buy you into a tournament where the goal is to collect all of the chips.
  • The prize pools of a poker app tournament will vary depending on how much it costs to enter: But some poker tournaments can have seven-figure first prizes! And even if you don’t win, usually about 15% of entrants win some kind of prize, making poker app tournaments one of the best ways to cash in at the casino.
  • Many poker apps will offer Freeroll Tournaments: These tournaments don’t require anything to enter but offer huge, real money cash prizes to the winners.
  • VIP and Loyalty Rewards: Because poker apps have such a loyal fan base, there are tons of great VIP and high-roller rewards for serious players. Poker app VIP programs will often reward players with free cash, entry into tournaments with huge prize pools, and even some great swag. For the biggest high rollers, poker apps have been known to even provide VIP concierge services at live poker events and casino apps.

Because they provide so much value, these poker app reward programs can be complicated. We go through each one so that we can bring you only the best ones available.

Poker App Software

Player experience: With all of the action going on at the poker table, you need to have a solid software setup to keep you in control. We look at the best poker apps from a development perspective, looking at things such as load time and game speed, UI, design, graphics, and sounds to make sure everything works great and feels great too.

iOS vs. Android vs. web: Many poker rooms will have desktop versions both for download, as well as in-browser play. However, as a general rule downloading poker app software for iOS or Android will offer richer graphics, more intuitive controls, and a better overall experience. Unlike some online casino offerings, we recommend that you download poker apps to get the best gameplay experience possible.

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