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Slot machines. The very name itself conjures up images of torrents of coins falling into your waiting arms. Of all the games that you will find in an online casino, none of them have the ability to change your life the way a slot machine does.

Real Slots Apps – Where the Serious Money is Made

Progressive jackpots – Huge Prizes: The people who are serious about making money from their online casino play live by these words. You’ll find tens of thousands of different slot machine titles available, waiting to offer you life to change money via real slots apps. But if you would rather spend your time hitting it big than figuring out where to play – then our real slots app reviews are exactly what you need to cut through the noise and head straight to him best places to play.

Best Progressive Slots Apps

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How We Review Our Slots Apps

We do extensive research before recommending a slots app to you – That starts with the welcome bonus that you get when you open an account with an online casino’s slot app. This is very serious business. casino app should respect the action that you are giving to them by rewarding you for choosing their online slots app over the thousands that are out there.

Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins – One of the most important things we look for is the welcome bonus matching % and free spins offered. Our recommended slots apps will generously match your first deposit. In fact, many will match not only your first deposit, but also provide some matching funds on your second, third, or sometimes even fourth deposit as well. And once they are done handing you free money, they will offer you a ton of free spins as well for their trouble.

Game Offer – Once we are sure that you are going to be properly taken care of, we look into the selection of slots offered. There are more variations of online slots that can even be counted.

The rooms we recommend will offer a wide selection of video, reel, and progressive slots. So no matter what type of game you are looking to play, you’ll be able to find it.

Themed Slots Games – Another one of the most popular types of slots game that we want to mention is the themed slots game. These games will usually borrow from a popular movie or television series. For example, you’ll find slots dedicated to popular game shows such as Deal or no Deal, as well as classic movies like Terminator 2. We always check to see what current popular pop-culture crossovers are available at any room we recommend.

Progressive Slots – But of course, we’re most concerned about finding you the mobile slot apps where you can take down the house. For that, there is nothing better than a Progressive slots machine.

Mega Moolah – Progressive slots are exactly what they sound like – slots machines that are linked together in order to slowly build huge jackpots that when hit can offer your life changing money in an instant. Any slots app that isn’t giving you access to the biggest progressive slots jackpots like Mega Moolah isn’t going to be one that we recommend.

App Design and Gameplay – One we are sure that you are going to be taken care of when you sign up and primed to take down the house, we set our sights on the gameplay experience provided.

Nothing kills the action of a slots spin like a lagging app, and so we make sure that the load times and game speeds are top notches. But playability is important too, and apps that move quickly but have a cluttered design that distracts from the action won’t make our cut either.

Overall, we demand a complete gaming experience that transports you into the world of action that online slots apps should deliver. Amazing sounds, crisp graphics, and pure action from start to finish.

Best Casino Bonuses Apps

Best Slots Apps for Canadians

There is one other thing that we consider before recommending a slots app. We’re proud to be a comprehensive resource for Canadian slots players, and our reviews all take into consideration the specific needs and player experience offer to Canadians.

We’re always excited to recommend a solid slots app that allows you to deposit and withdraw in Canadian dollars, offers world-class Canadian support, and yes, has the occasion beaver or hockey theme sighting added into its design.

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