Sport Betting Apps

Sports betting has come a long way from the days of having to go to your local bookie. Today, sports betting apps are a great way for sports enthusiasts to add a little spice to the game and follow the action during their favorite contests. No matter what sport you are looking to bet on, and no matter where you find yourself, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommended live sports apps to be sure that you will never miss another moment of excitement.

Best Sport Betting Apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

It’s easy to find a great bookie to take your sports betting action on your mobile device: Mobile bookmaker applications give you fast, easy access to your sports wagers and keep you in complete control at all times. Our recommended sports betting apps allow you to lock in your action from anywhere – at the office, in the gym, or even when you are sitting down to dinner. You will never have to worry about missing out on a big pick or sleeper team ever again.

Non-stop access is just the beginning: As more and more bettors come online to get their action, mobile sportsbooks know that expectations are rising. That’s why sports betting apps will also let you benefit from tons of great features as well. The best sports apps will continuously update their software to provide players with the highest quality experience possible.

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What Free Sports Apps Have the Best Features?

We do comprehensive research on all of the playmaker’s apps that we recommend. Our review process is extensive and ensures that we only choose the apps with the best features for players.

Instant action – For the true sports better, that starts with being able to get into the action no matter where it might be. Sports betting apps that don’t let you get in on all of the biggest contests in sports aren’t worth your time. That’s why one of the most important things we look at is the range of events available to bettors, and only recommend apps that offer contest from across the sporting world including hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and more.

Scores of Free Bets – We also scour the internet searching for the sports betting apps that provide you with the highest quantities and largest varieties of free bets. Our team knows how to win at sports betting, and we look for the places where it will be easiest for us to pass that knowledge along. We show you the free sports apps where you will find the best free bet promotions, the largest free bet promo codes, and the top places to grow your bankroll at the expense of the online bookmakers.

In-app options – But when it comes to hunting an edge for our players, we don’t stop there. We also look at all the in-app options available, including enhanced odds, accumulators, and real-time odds. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have an entire sport betting arsenal at your disposal.

Game speed – On top of all this, we make sure that the sports betting apps we recommend to you all have the best load times and game speeds, so lag will never cause you to miss an opportunity. UI and design are intuitive, never cluttered, and won’t get in the way of you placing your bets.

Customer Support – And of course, if you should ever find yourself needed customer support, we make sure you’re covered. All of our best sports apps offer top notch support.

Best Sports Bonuses Apps

Best Live Sports Apps for Sports Betting

The adrenaline of sweating a match that you have money on is one of the best things about being a sports better. Being unable to watch a big match that you’ve placed a bet on can be brutal, and it used to be the case that if you couldn’t be near your television or computer, you had to wait to hear about action second hand.

Follow the action anywhere, anytime – Thankfully, those days are gone. Today, all of the leading online bookmakers give you the option to watch streaming sports events through their live sports apps, so you can follow all of the action in real-time no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The best games in real time – These live streaming options allow you to watch all of the most popular matches from around the sports world right on your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll never have to settle for just getting score updates ever again. We only recommend free sports streaming apps Android users and iOS users will find providing them with all of the real-time action that they want.

Android, iOS, and Web – App Overview and Advantages

When you are sports betting, you need to be able to watch the action in real-time, get real-time scores, and make changes quickly as information about injuries, coaching decisions, etc. become available. That why it’s important to make sure that you are using an application that will allow you to get easy access to all of your picks.

Apps vs. browser based – The best mobile bookmakers will offer sports betting apps because they streamline features – such as the streaming component of live sports apps. Although it is possible to use in-browser versions of sports betting apps that don’t require any download, we believe that having everything packaged in a way that is truly optimized for your mobile device is the best way to enjoy sports betting your phone.

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